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suitable for various bronchoscope types

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The new EBUS combination adapter

with acoustic "click" when connected to the working channel of the bronchoscope to confirm the safe and firm connection of the needle.


suitable for various bronchoscope types: 

- compatibility with Olympus bronchoscope types BF-UC190F BF-UC180F

- special adapter for Fujifilm


Endobronchial Fine Needle Biopsy (FNB) with SonoTip TopGain

SonoTip TopGain® EBUS-TBNB for the exploration of the anterior and upper mediastinal space, and for the clarification of mediastinal changes of lymph nodes.

Obtain high quality cytological specimens easily and safely to support histological findings in differential diagnosis.

The new SonoTip TopGain® EBUS fine needle biopsy system is specifically developed for the high-quality support of cytopathological diagnosis and to increase the quality of patient care.

The innovative 3-point needle tip with crown cut was designed in collaboration with renowned specialists. The quality of the needle plays an important role in determining the quality of the tissue samples for the primary diagnosis and staging of malign and potentially malign diseases.