Environment & Compliance

The reputation of Medi-Globe in the context of compliance is based on the integrity of the company through exemplary and legally compliant behavior, in competition and in the social environment. Our employees are obliged to comply with our comprehensive code of conduct and are regularly trained in it.

Our managers are obliged to be a role model for all employees and they pay attention to the interests of the company and its economic success.

We do not participate in transactions that are clearly aimed at circumventing laws and rules of conduct. We are expressly committed to right and law. This principle applies in all countries and for all employees. We expect the same from our business partners around the world.

All our employees adhere to the rules of free and fair competition. Neither prices nor conditions or the allocation of customers or markets are discussed with competitors.

Medi-Globe respects the legislation on the control of international payment transactions and trade in goods. Restrictions related to countries, goods or person-related export (“embargos”) and other export control regulations are respected and accepted.

The company and its employees are committed to the careful use of natural resources in production, to avoiding waste, and to developing modern, resource-saving products. Protecting people is also protecting our employees. A safe and healthy working environment is a matter of course for us. We always make sure that our products and services are produced and sold in compliance with all environmental laws, labor protection laws and human rights.

The protection of confidentiality comes first when handling the data of our employees, business partners and patients. Confidential information is protected from unauthorized access by third parties. Personal data is only collected, processed or used insofar as this is necessary for clearly defined purposes. The rights to information, correction, objection, blocking and deletion are protected.