HF Cords


High-frequency cords for connection of Medi-Globe instruments such as HOT biopsy forceps, polypectomy snares or sphincterotomes to high-frequency generators.

  • 4 mm plug, on the device side suitable for Martin / Berchthold and Erbe (E and T series)
  • 5 mm plug suitable for devices of Erbe (ICC device and VIO devices)
  • 6 mm plug suitable for devices of Olympus (120/300 device and VIO devices)
  • 8 mm plug  suitable for devices of Valleylab

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Active Cord

For connecting Medi-Globe instruments to HF generators of various manufacturers

Catalogue No. Description Total Length (cm)
GAC-51-04-300 ERBE 4 mm 300
GAC-51-05-300 ERBE 5 mm 300
GAC-52-04-300 Martin / Berchthold 4 mm 300
GAC-53-08-300 Valleylab, 8 mm 300
GAC-54-06-300 ERBE 5 mm Olympus, 6 mm

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