Multiband Ligator


The Medi-Globe Multiband Ligator with its easy-to-use firing mechanism enables efficient hemostasis up to five times in emergency situations. Color indicators allow exact control of the number of positioned ligatures.

  • preloaded for 5 ligatures
  • improved handling
  • additional Luer-Lock rinsing port
  • suitable for all endoscopes from 8.5 to 11.5 mm diameter

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More Information

Esophageal Multiband Ligator

Pre-loaded barrel with 5 bands (contains latex); improved mounting to the endoscope; additional Luer-Lock irrigation port; maximum endoscope length 150cm

Catalogue No. Suitable for Endoscope Outer Diameter (mm) Number of Bands Band Inner Diameter in Released Position (mm) Length of the Introduction Catheter (cm) Min. Accessory Channel (mm)
GBL-01-05-001 8.5–11.5 5 1.9 150 2.8

Leaflet Multiband Ligator - Single Use

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