SonoTip ProFlex (Nitinol)


  • 100% Nitinol needle for maximum flexibility and dimensional stability
  • Only one 22 Gauge needle entire made of Nitinol
  • For hard lesions and for use in extreme position angles
  • Nitinol shape memory (Shape Memory Effect) to prevent needle deformation
  • New "zig-zag" laser engraving for improved visibility under ultrasound
  • Twist-Lock technology for one-hand operation

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More Information

Needle­ diameter
Tube diameter (mm)
Needle length adjustment (cm)

EUS -guided FNA system made of Nitinol

Compatible with guide wires of max. 018".

22/0,7 1,8 0 - 8,5
GUS-35-27-022 EUS guided FNA system made of Nitinol
with distal stabilization aid for use in
large working channels (3.2 - 3.8 mm)
Compatible with guide wires of max. .018"
22/0,7 2,7 0 - 8,5