TBNA Aspiration Needles


Medi-Globe transbronchial aspiration needles consist of a distal stainless steel needle with a side opening, which is connected proximally to a Luer lock connector via an inner tube made of plastic.

The instrument also comes with a suitable syringe including a 2-way stopcock.

  • distal stainless steel needle with side opening
  • Plastic and metal tube
  • different needle lengths and diameters
  • Different tube diameters for working channels from 2.0 mm
  • Working length 120 cm

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More Information

Aspiration Needle for Bronchoscopy

With metal spiral; including 10 ml vacuum syringe with stopcock

Catalogue No. Needle Diameter (mm/Gauge) Needle Length (mm) Metal Spiral Outer Diameter (mm) Working Length (cm) Min. Accessory Channel (mm)
GAN-01-19-100 0.8/21 12 1.9 100 2.1

Leaflet Aspiration Needles - Single Use

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